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XIMBALA is a group that is passionate about traveling and the personal-growth and learning opportunities that are available through travel. We believe traveling is a powerful tool that can help individuals grow and create a better society.

Through our trips we hope to further environmental awareness, appreciation for Mexican culture & traditions, and celebrate diversity.


XIMBALA is a Mayan word that roughly translates to “walk while traveling”

We believe that when walking we immediately become more perceptive and conscious about the world around us. Walking is an essential act that links us to our history as a species.

Through travel we become more social, empathetic and happy. Traveling can be exciting and broadens your world view by breaking you out of your daily routine.

We want your trip to not only last days, we want the “walk while traveling” motto to become a lifestyle.

Allow us to show you the way of the traveler.

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Goals & Objectives

To instill a genuine love and appreciation for culture and the environment in our travelers as well helping them realize the impact they can have on society and the environment.

To create a community and develop a network of communication, conservation and tourism between individuals, cooperative organizations and associations to create educational projects and responsible tourism.

To empower communities, cooperative organizations and the projects we visit through sustainable tourism and distribute what we generate through our trips with the highest possible amount of entities with the hope of equal improvement throughout.

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